AirCheckup™ 24 Hour Air Particle Test

Easily test air in offices, healthcare, cleanrooms, manufacturing, public buildings, data centers, residential and more.

Laboratory report shows:

  • Airborne Asbestos

  • PM10 & PM2.5 Fine Particles

  • Air Particle Concentration (Standard ISO 14644-1)

Kit price including laboratory report: US$87

Worldwide shipping: US$9.95 per order.

Kit contents: 1 calibrated* air sampler, cleanroom grade resealable sampler bag, instructions, post paid return mail for returning sampler for laboratory processing.

If ordering more than 10 kits, please contact us for bulk order discounts.

* For accurate test results, each sampler is individually calibrated before shipping.

The comprehensive AirCheckup™ airborne particle report is trusted by facility managers, property owners, tennants and air quality professionals.

View lab report of sampler exposed to airborne asbestos »

View lab report of sampler exposed to elevated levels of PM10 and PM2.5 fine particulates »

  • Facility managers and building owners use AirCheckup™ to monitor air quality and address occupant complaints. Every complaint merits a response. Settlements for bodily injury and property damage caused by air contamination can cost millions of dollars!

  • Air quality professionals use AirCheckup™ to supplement standard measurement methods and provide additional air quality incites.

  • Homeowners and tenants use AirCheckup™ to assess air safety.

  • We also offer customized reporting including combining test results from multiple samplers into one report.

Test for Airborne Asbestos, PM10 and PM2.5

Technology Care LLC has announced the launch of a 24 hour air particle test for measuring airborne asbestos, PM10 and PM2.5 fine particles.

Hans Wyssen, general manager of Technology Care LLC, explains: “Research indicates that there is no safe level of airborne carcinogens. For this reason, AirCheckup compares levels of dangerous airborne particles to levels normally found in buildings rather than to a limit.”

To use, an electrostatic air sampler is exposed for 24 hours and then sealed and sent for laboratory processing. About one week later, a comprehensive test report is sent by email.

The AirCheckup kit is available at:

Media Contacts: Hans Wyssen, General Manager, Technology Care LLC, + 41 44 450 85 60,