AirCheckup™ ASBESTOS

24 hour air particle test including lab processing for Fibers, PM10 and PM2.5

The air pollutant deemed to cause the most severe impact on human health is fine particulate matter. Fine particulates including PM10, PM2.5, asbestos and other fibers, can penetrate the finest branches of the bronchial tree and sometimes pass into the lymphatic system and the bloodstream. Because of their fissured structure, these particles offer an ideal surface for the attachment of other toxic substances.

Kit price including laboratory report: US$87

Worldwide shipping: US$9.95 per order.

Kit contents: 1 calibrated air sampler, cleanroom grade resealable sampler bag, instructions, post paid return mail for returning sampler for laboratory processing.

If ordering more than 10 kits, please contact us for bulk order discounts.

  • Easy to understand lab report compares your levels of airborne fibers and fine particulates to levels normally found.

View lab report of sampler exposed to airborne asbestos »

The AirCheckup™ "Particle Fall Out" sampler has two sticky particle collectors which use gravity and electrostatic attraction to collect air particles. "Particle Fall Out" samplers, or “Witness Plates” are often used in cleanroom rooms and aerospace to measure airborne contamination since they have the advantage of collecting a wider spectrum of air particles than possible with laser particle counters.

Particle deposition collected by AirCheckup™ samplers is analyzed in our laboratory using cutting edge scanning methods.