AirCheckup™ ISO 14644-1 Air Particle Test

Easily measure air particle concentration corresponding to ISO 14644-1 as well as airborne asbestos, bioaerosols and PM10 / PM2.5 fine particles.

Easily monitor air particles & bioaerosols anywhere!

In offices, workplace, hospitals, health care, manufacturing, public buildings, data centers, residential and more.


  • AirCheckup™ test kits are FREE! You only pay shipping.

  • Credit card size.

  • Easy to use. Simply stick to a wall.

  • Designed for short term air hygiene testing and long term monitoring. Recommended test period: 7 - 365 days.

  • Return sampler anytime for a comprehensive laboratory report.

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Please contact us for for bulk orders and customized samplers printed with your company information.

Return the AirCheckup™ sampler anytime for a comprehensive air contamination report (see INSTRUCTIONS). When sending your sampler you can choose one or more of the following tests:

  • Air Particle Concentration corresponding to ISO 14644-1. Recommended: Class 9 for room air and Class 8 for data centers, technology spaces and health care.

  • Bioaerosols corresponding to CFU/m3. Recommended: <1000 CFU/m3 (ACGIH Limit).

  • Particle Metrics: Warns of dangerous airborne particles including asbestos fibers and PM10 / PM2.5 fine particles.

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  • Sampler packaged in a cleanroom grade resealable bag.