7 day air pollution test for home and workplace

Unique and patented design

AirCheckup™ measures all airborne particles and aerosols including PM1, PM2.5, PM10, mold, bacteria, smoke, chemicals and more.

This comprehensive test shows if indoor air cleanliness meets international standard ISO 14644-1 Class 9. Your test result is also compared to average test results from our data-base.

Kit price including lab analysis and return postage for sampler: US$137

Worldwide shipping: US$9.95 per order.

Kit contents: 1 air sampler, cleanroom grade resealable sampler bag, instructions, post paid return mailer for returning sampler for laboratory processing.

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"air pollution is associated with 7 million premature deaths annually." - World Health Organization

AirCheckup™ is available at pharmacies and drugstores.

Easy to understand lab report (English, German & French) shows:

  • Air pollution corresponding to the ISO 14644-1 class 9 cleanliness standard.

  • Your test result is compared to average test results from our data-base.

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The AirCheckup™ sampler has a sticky particle collector which uses gravity and electrostatic attraction to collect air pollution. "Fall Out" samplers or “Witness Plates” are widely used in cleanrooms and aerospace since they have the advantage of measuring a wider range of contamination than is possible with other types of air samplers.

All AirCheckup™ samplers are analyzed in our Swiss laboratory using cutting edge technologies.